Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Travel tips

So you are about to pack up the car and go visit grandma who is 7 hours away and its the holidays. Your 2 littlest ones are "almost" potty trained and your older one is "bored" a l l   the time.  Some helpful hints
-don't forget the bottled water and blankets, much cheaper to stock up at the grocery store before leaving than buying on the road
-pack the potty chair-especially if you have a minivan. Put it in the back seat and take it along
-the license plate game- find all the alphabet on different license plates
- the alphabet game on signs or plates
- the radio game- pick a word and whenever someone hears it and they shout it out they get to pick the next song
-bring a laptop or make sure to have some movies for the dvd players that kids will love- Cars 2 is out and its a keeper
-let the eldest help with the roadmap
-play "musical chairs"- each time you have to stop lets the kids pick new seats then they won't feel as if they have been stuck in the same place all trip long
-also you could always leave in the evening - let the kids sleep through the trip and each adult drive a "leg" of the trip so you get some sleep too!

If you have any other good car games post below!

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