Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Locking the keys in the car..and the purse..and the cellphones...

Okay, so most of us have been there, some more than once, and then there are the habitual offenders. I fall  into that category. So much so that I actually lost the 2 spares my car came with and had 2 more made and managed to still lock myself out of the car. at home. with my purse, BOTH of my cells, and of course all of my credit cards, in the car. To be perfectly honest thought this time my son was to one to actually lock the doors before my purse was taken out. I have though, somehow, managed to create a habit where I put my keys in my purse as soon as I take them out of the ignition, then the purse is often the last thing to be unloaded from the car. Not brilliant, I agree. In the meantime, I have delegated the purse unloading to my eldest, however, he is not always paying attention either, he is 11. So now, I we have moved into a new community and there is the purse in the car and the phones and the keys, and we don't know a soul on the block yet (well enough to use their phone for at least 40 minutes to set up a  call to the insurance co.) so we went to bed, woke up the next day and set out for the clubhouse, that thank goodness we have, to call our insurance co.

Moral of the story, if you are anything like me, or this story, make sure to keep AAA or your roadside assistance. I will say it has literally saved me hundreds over the years.  Some useful information, AAA will not let you renew early, esurance makes you get full coverage just to also pay for roadside assistance and they only cover the first $75 and max out at $425 per 6 months (of all service calls, even tows). I have chosen Progressive for the reason they have no limit on coverage, or calls.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The birds

Do you ever wake up at the crack of dawn, everyone is asleep still and all you hear is the chirping of birds? Does it bring you to the memories of camping as a child, or the first days of spring? Sometimes it is nice to savor those moments, before the hustle and bustle of the day starts, and remember to live each day one day at a time. Do something special today for a loved one and make it count.

Take The Time

When was the last time you made smiley faces on the pancakes or wrote a message with the mustard on the bread or wrote a note on your child's napkin in his/her lunchbox? Sometimes it's the little things that put the biggest smiles on their faces, so in our busy days lets try to remember some of the little things for our little people~