Monday, December 19, 2011

Healthy Eating on the Go

As we all know being on the go can lead to some less than healthy eating habits since it is less time consuming to stop in that drive thru than to pack a bag lunch. Some helpful tips for snacks on the go

- apples - pear-peaches- fruit is great and can usually hold for a few days in the car so when you go to the grocery store set some aside and leave the bag in the car-
~don't use bananas or berries they go bad too quickly and oranges are too messy~
- granola bars- a quick fix for a meal- leave a box in the car with the fruit- easy to eat and won't go bad and there are so many kinds!
~don't - use loose granola or cereal- when it spills it makes a mess also nutragrain bars are messy~
-bottled water- buy a 6 pack of Fiji or your preferred brand at the store and put it in the car. Also won't spoil- get a flavored kind if you can't stand plain but they come with caps so you can recap and not spill unlike soda cans~
~ don't use anything you have to mix- like crystal light- it can be messy

Bonus- Less expensive than fast food, usually can't get in a drive thru, and much healthier!

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