Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School Dinners on a budget it's off to the races again, school starting means homework, quick dinners, sports, and everything that calls for the end to summer. While it can be hard to get back into the swing of things it can also be exciting. Right now the clothes are new, the backpacks haven't been broken in yet and the shoes sit unscuffed. In the meantime...your wallet just had a hit for school supplies, your schedule just became more cramped, and you have less time for just about everything. One thing you can take off your plate are quick dinner fixes. Here are a few ways how...

1- chicken, it may take a while but its pretty simple, And I don't mean a little chicken strips I mean a whole chicken. Put it in a roasting pan with rice and enough water for the rice and the chicken, add some salt and seasonings as you wish and pop the whole thing right in the oven. about 20 min per pound of chicken so a 4lb chicken would take 1 hour and a half roughly. (check to make sure it is all the way done before removing)
this will give you dinner, with about 5 minutes prep time and lunch for the next day! Chicken sandwhiches
prep time 5 min
cook time 1-1.5 hr

2- pasta- easiest thing you can make. Angel hair cooks super fast. Throw some water to boil, ten minutes on the timer, add some salt, a chicken bullion, throw in the pasta, stir a few times and you are done. Take it add some ricotta cheese and tomato sauce and you have leftovers again for lunch.
If you have some extra chicken still throw that in too!

prep time- 2 min
cook time- 20 min

3- Having a long day? which day isn't right? lol hotdogs and french fries,  broil them in the oven takes about 5 min for the hotdogs and then bake another 10 for the fries on whatever heat the package directs you. Add a salad with bacos and a great dressing and the children will love it!

prep time- 2 min
cook time- 15 min

Quick tip---if you want to preheat your oven faster turn it on broil first then give it a few minutes and put it on the temp you really need ;) (do all of this before adding in the food)

4- breakfast for dinner? scrambled eggs- its great protein and quick! Crack a dozen eggs in a bowl (should feed 4-5) and add salt, italian seasoning if you have it, some chopped garlic, onions, whatever floats your boat. Then pop some good bread in the toaster and add butter and jelly- and it is super filling- only clean up is the pan for eggs!- leftovers-? save for breakfast!!

prep time - 7 min
cook time-10 min

5- Pizza- most grocers have pizza dough cold and fresh for 2-3 dollars. Grab some and head home! Leave it out for 1 hour, then spread it on a baking pan, broiler pan, whatever you have that is flat. put down pizza sauce if you have it, (butter and garlic will work if you don't have pasta sauce or want a different flavor). Add your veggies that are leftover from the week, and toss in the oven! Way better than takeout and you used the veggies up!

prep time- 10 min
cook time- 15 min

all great meals- i hope you enjoyed the blog tips for today!!

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