Monday, December 12, 2011

Natural Household Cleaners

 So the topic for this morning is household cleaners that are all natural. I know there is a huge buzz about organics and all natural items but these were actually in your parents medicine cabinet growing up and most cost under a couple of dollar each.
  • Iodine- used to clean cuts $4.00
  • Rubbing Alcohol- to get out tough stains- here is a readers digest article on rubbing alcohol $1.00
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- has antibacterial qualities and can kill some types of mold $1.00
  • Baking soda- neutralize odors, kills some molds, can even brush your teeth with it- $.44cents!!
  • White vinegar- can kill some molds, disinfectant, use to remove laundry stains- another readers digest article link $1
  • Tea tree oil- kills mold, cleans almost any stain **closer to $8
  • White gum eraser- great for taking crayon off of anything $2
Often one just reaches for the clorox wipes but if you are interested in any of the above natural products they are worth the look ~

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